Sunday, June 19, 2016

the movement of color

"colors are the smiles
of nature.:
-leigh hunt

a gentle smile is slowly forming here. soft. muted. timid, even. pale shades of purples, greens, and pinks peeking amidst the rusty hues.  hinting at the possibility of larger smiles. or perhaps laughter in the near future.

this has been an interesting journey that i have embarked upon with you. sharing the emerging cloth from start to what will eventually be the finish.  not that i have ever intentionally avoided it. but that i generally skip around a bit. ok. a lot. from cloth to cloth. sometimes putting one or another away for months. even years, on occasion.  allowing the creative muse to draw me to wherever she pleases. i still allow her that license. only now, i'm trying to tie down at least one cloth at a time. see it through in a more chronological manner, rather than my usual rabbit trail method. hopping first this way. then that way.

of course, this doesn't mean that i'm not still exploring. beginning other cloths. like this rather large fragment of salvaged vintage cotton brocade.  it is nearly three times the size of the moose cloth. i was attempting to capture the sweeping nature of montana's landscape without losing the sense of the big sky we are so well known for in these parts. i look forward to working on this one, too. i can already see the blue waters of the lake. the piney greens of the trees...

and something a little different. a grizzly brizzly bear.  i've no idea what to do with him as yet. but i'm certain he will begin whispering once i have a chance to listen...



  1. They're special !

    (enjoy listening, Joe)

  2. I have been silently reading your posts for two years. If I remember , I somehow found you through Jude Hill. Your "story" is very moving and what you have been posting in the past few weeks is so AMAZING that I had to comment. The tree images you have created with rust are driving me CRAZY!
    I "get" jumping around with cloth and the joy of things emerging.I am also trying to slow down my rabbit trail.....
    I live in Northern WI and enjoy nature and animals as you do. I am solitary. So even though you will not notice social media comments from me..... I am loving all you put forth on your blogs. Joan

  3. I love that your "rabbit" is stopping for while to create and see what will progress. I truly am fascinated by, and enjoy following your process with the creating, one step following the other.