Wednesday, November 30, 2016

changing perspective

"when i let go
of what i am,
i become
what i might be."
-lao tzu

these lovely rust dyed cotton fragments
were a gift from a delightful follower
on instagram (@pwendy). this buddha is
joyfully sporting new threads until inspiration
moves them in another direction!

a comment i made to erik shipley of ship's manor on instagram the other day was very enlightening for me once it took root in my consciousness.  a simple statement made about my style of knitting. something i have said a thousand times about being a process knitter rather than being results driven. one of those *aha!* moments that suddenly through open the drapes that have shrouded my perception about my own creative style. not only am i a process knitter, but i am a process artist!

this was a very liberating realization. freeing me of years of self-judgment and ofttimes debilitating criticism about harboring a plethora of unfinished work. reminding me of the joy i experience in simply creating for the sake of creating, not to race to complete something for the sake of being done with it. the many creations that rest in various stages of growth are just that: resting in a stage of growth. of evolution. all a part of my enjoying their process of creation. no longer accusing. no longer judging. but celebrating whatever process they are in. whatever step they are at along the path each moment. rather like a reminder of the way i try to live my life. in the moment. not grasping and judging but enjoying. celebrating.

there is something to be learned from these emerging fragments of the creative process. something delightful and invigorating!



  1. Thank you joe this was helpful,
    I think I may be one too
    its a new/good perspective to view it all from.

  2. Thank you so much for this blog post. With your permission, I'd like to cut and paste part of it for a blog post of my own OR on my Facebook page. I would be linking to this blog and giving you all the credit. The wisdom is profound - really helping me understand why I flit from one project to another. I get so many ideas, start some of them, finish some of them, and then set the project aside. The most glaring creative endeavor is "art journaling" that I don't finish. I love blank journals. I love to write, computer or by hand. I love color pens. I go nuts in office supply stores and craft stores. I'm doing my best to curb my spending on things I probably already have. In fact, just writing this gives me an idea for a blog post - which I won't publish until I hear back from you about featuring you and your beautiful reflection. Please let me know. My email is:

    BTW - I found you on the Tanglewood Threads blog roll. Glad I did.

    Blessings for the season, Christmas for me. I'm in the high country of Northern Arizona and the first snow is melting as I write.

    Flagstaff, AZ, USA

    1. i'm so pleased to have been able to offer the simple spark to burst into this flame of realization for you! i look forward to reading your blog post and enjoy fellowship with your passion for journals, being a hand bookbinder myself. there is a sense of possibility in a blank journal. of what could become. may become. it's very liberating!


  3. Great post on creative process..thanks for shining some light on what has for me very often be shadowed by the darkness of criticism for lack of knowing purpose. just what I needed to of thought opened wide.

    1. it is always good to allow the drapes to air out from time to time. it helps to keep the mind clear and fresh.