Thursday, February 2, 2017

petting the beast

"sometimes you wake up.
sometimes the fall kills you.
and sometimes,
when you fall, you fly."
-neil gaiman

revisiting this tonal quilt. drawn first to its colors. they suited the quiet, somber mood that prevails this morning. as more snow blankets the countryside with an eerie silence, my thoughts dig deep. deeper.

isn't it strange how inspiration can both motivate and terrify at the same time? like something soft, warm and fuzzy. masking pointy teeth and scratchy claws with an unreliable disposition. is it any wonder many artists find themselves at an impasse at times?

best to pet the beast and get it over with.

though sometimes i simply want to eye it warily, sink deeper into the fireside chaise, and wait for it to make the first move...



  1. this is a very good beast! the variation in background as it goes from brighter in top left to more somber in lower right. A good piece to get some of your energy, I believe.

  2. I keep coming back to this post and looking at the shades of blues, some gray greens is very inspirational.

    In a way, it almost reminds me of snow and how snow can have so many shades of color.

    ps I'm not on instagram but love all the great stuff you find. Big sigh, I just wish my thrift stores here would have such interesting things.


  3. "To be human and to be adult means constantly to be in the grip of opposing emotions, to have daily to reconcile apparently conflicting tensions. I want this, but need that. I cherish this, but adore its opposite too." -Stephen Fry

    Your post reminded me of this quote which I heard on a podcast the other day and liked it enough that I wrote it down. I love your writing, it's very fitting for this time of year where dead calm before the spring is grinding and ominous yet just starting to tease you with the promise of things to come. Your take on your quilt is interesting too- my first impression was that there's something just lovely and calm and a bit simple about it. But that's deceptive. After reading your post and really looking, the middle is floating, and the edges are pulling apart. It's a damn good metaphor for the creative temperament really. Anyway, I enjoyed your post a lot, thanks.