Sunday, March 19, 2017

shoes full of slush

"spring is when you feel
like whistling even with
a shoe full of slush."
-doug larson

the winter blahs have been hanging heavily in the winter mist here in montana, or so it seems to be the case in the manhandled threads studio. the creative juices have been sluggish...resistant to anything but slumber.

now the sun is putting in an appearance for a change and spring is hinting at arriving. my fingers are itching again. finding needle and thread and at least warming up with some random bits of embroidery and hand sewing. it feels good to stretch creatively and feel the return of a creative drive!



  1. Great that the sun and the stitching comes back again, Joe !
    Warming up ;-)

  2. It has been something of an intense winter here in Montana for me as well...these sunny days, interspersed with some raindrops are bringing bird song alive in my yard and my fingers, too, are stitching once again in earnest....and this first day of spring I am setting out a supply of threads and fabric scraps for nest makers to gather....soon all the snow will be gone and seeds will go into the earth...perennials beginning there masterful push through now..and fall planted garlic is up 5 inches...spring, is my season of greatest energy and inspiration, for sure.
    So happy to see you smiling behind the trust machine and your hand stitching is a wonderful welcome for spring.


  3. So true about the winter blahs!!! Here in NH we had 16 inches of snow last week and maybe more this weekend. Why is it that spring brings more thoughts of creativity and an urge to work with the hands?


  4. bears need to hibernate .... perhaps you are part bear :-)

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    1. hey jude! (admit it, it just sang that in your head, didn't you?)