Sunday, April 30, 2017

twang gently

"where hast thou wondered,
gentle gale, 
to find the perfumes
thou dost bring?"
-william c. bryant

it is much to easy to get lost in the convenience of social media. the lack of a need for any real thought.  the simplicity of posting images and short bursts of words.

i am thankful for those of you who read and comment here on my blog.  reminding me from whence i started.  welcoming me home.

these rust-dyed fragments are resting here for some secret sewing.  soon to be joined by other, more colorful, fragments.  but for now, i am enjoying their quiet countenance.  it suits my thoughts at the moment.  the giant grinning buffoon of a coffee mug seeking to draw me out of my solitary thoughts with its silliness keeps a corner of a smile on my lips and helps me to stay on track. but the early morning light sneaking in through the drapes seems almost hesitant, and so my thoughts ramble on in their shadowed halls.

not depressive...just...muted. reflective. the antithesis to the burst of colorful wonky house sewing that blasted through my instagram feed recently.  instead, they wrap about my shoulders like a shawl against the early morning chill and listen quietly as my fingers linger on the strings of one of my dulcimers.

it's a good sunday. a quiet, lonely sunday.  just me and bodhi. and these quiet thoughts and gently twanging strings. and attentive fragments and that silly grinning mug...



  1. Your entire post reads like dong lyrics. I think they would be wonderful as you play the strings of your dulcimer. The rust and the mug represent something powerful ready to spring forth in song. Kinda reminds me of the music I heard in the movie, SONGCATCHER.

    1. i've never seen that movie...but sometimes life can be a song even without music...

  2. Thank you Joe for a great beginning to this morning's stitching - a project pushing to be finished today. Your words were exactly what I thankful for them. And, Marianna, your reference to the movie, "Songcatcher" is perfect..on the money, and it is a film I have seen many, many times - the story, the music the lessons within all just right for me.
    Kristin - listening to spring birdsong under cloudy western Montana skies

    1. it was filled with thoughts to get me going, as well. words can be that sometimes. the music that rises with the birdsong that backdrops our days.

  3. This post made me smile and take a deep breath today. Thanks.