Wednesday, May 10, 2017

a sense of home

"there is nothing
half so pleasant as
coming home again."
-margaret elizabeth sangster

in the midst of a flurry of rust dyeing for new projects and my new etsy store, i find myself drawn to my collection of wip's and ufo's. not in melancholic yearning, but as drawn to old friends whom i've not seen in a long time.

there is a comfort in knowing they are there. waiting. ready to pick up where we left off. harboring the glowing embers of fond memories. memories that rise with open arms and envelope you in a warm sense of home.

it's heartening to know these friends are there. will be there. whenever needed. even when they are temporarily misremembered...



  1. Nice "sewing box" Joe ....

    1. thank you, els! it is my alternate sewing box. my primary sewing box is a vintage tool box rescued from a buddy's garage! there's a pic of it on my instagram feed. i'm sure it'll sure up here in the next few days as i begin blogging about my latest project, too.

    2. Ha ! a MAN's sewing box ! ;-)

  2. Cool photo! I like the colors and textures. I like the poem about home, especially since I'm heading home tomorrow... the poem was a confirmation that I'm making the right choice.

    1. thank you, joy. i'm so happy that you found meaning in that!