Thursday, June 24, 2021

converging skies

“creativity is just
connecting things.”
-steve jobs

bodhi found himself drowning in a sea of frothy shampoo and moisturising conditioner today! the sun was blazing across the sky. the beast was malodorous, so it seemed like a utopian union. he smells delightfully fragrant now!

i’ve been bloodless and world-weary of late. fraught with uncertainty as my unemployment is surreptitiously terminated by sanctimonious politicians who believe we are all simply lazy and need to take one of the thousands of poverty level jobs available in food service and hospitality, a field nowhere near my own which was destroyed not only by the pandemic, but by governmental idiocies in the first place…and pays less than half what i was making…grumble, grumble, piss and moan. ha! a fat lot of good all that grouching just did, eh? tomorrow is another day.

to be more productive, i begin again. forging skies. new fragments. anticipating stories. even snipping and dipping a stacklet of shibori indigo moons! too colossal for these fragments, but ripe for impending journeys in stitch and whisper.

now to settle in and needle chant awhile as the rotund moon shimmers outside my window and gentle night breezes cool the fragrant beast at my feet and the bear sleeps in the next room.



  1. I agree! Totally! I am weary to and feel they have no idea what they have done to our country or our citizens or our families! Love your rant! Thank you!

    1. it is well and truly sad that we are lorded over, discounted and cancelled, by the wealthy lunatics we’ve put in office to safeguard our interests because they, in their ivory towers, have grown so delusional and so completely out of touch with 98% of the population….