Friday, June 18, 2021


 “i am an artist you know…

it is my right to be mad!”

-e.a. buchianneri

my grasp on this blog has always been tenuous at best. so many avenues with more immediate gratification pulling me in other directions like instagram and facebook. then the pandemic loomed large and out of control. furloughed and depressed, i turned inward, reaching out through those other mediums as they were simpler. faster. required less of me. but is that truly healthy? does it instill creativity? foster artistic growth?

one thing that i have always loved about blogging is that it requires me to look deeper. examine. uncover. share…but with something more. to do so simply for the sake of being honest with myself. more open with myself.

when it comes down to it, i  blog because i want to give that voice a venue in which to whisper. to allow myself the space to see what it is i’m creating from a different perspective…and if that imparts some insight to others, then it is doubly blessed. if nothing else, then at least it shares the inner workings of a madman amidst his creative expressions!



  1. Welcome back Joe, blogging does indeed take more thought and preparation than a quick post to Instagram, but a post there is better than no posts at all. When we are short on inner resources, as I think many of us have found ourselves over the past year and more, the most important thing, I think, is to keep on in whatever form that takes. I have loved seeing your little stitched folk appear in your Instagram posts, glad that you are still creating.
    I hope, as our world opens up, that things improve for you in all sorts of ways.

    1. thank you so much, kat! it is true, snippets are better than silence…and this past year has been a frantic ride through strange times indeed! best wishes for you and yours this year and beyond. ❤️

  2. I've missed your blog posts ... should have figured you'd be on Instagram, too ... either way, I'm always glad to see you show up online

    1. thank you, liz. i’ve definitely been more active on instagram, but am slowly finding my way back here. there is some crossover between the two, but will be covering a wider aspect of my work here, i think. plus, i hope to go deeper into my process here.

      sp happy to see you still here!