Tuesday, June 21, 2011

having taken pause...

sometimes, a guy just has
to stop and re-group...

i'd like to say that the floods and tornadoes have caused me to take time out and reflect upon the nature of life. that the impending summer has caused me to spend countless hours out of doors and away from my needles and fibers. or any other myriad of deep and insightful reasons for why i have been so nonproductive over the past couple of weeks. i'd like to say this...but i can't.

i've simply stepped back, hid beneath the covers, and watched the world drift by...

however, i can say that it appears to have been cathartic as my needle seems to be dancing across the fibers tonight! i'm not entirely certain what caused the stasis in which i found myself. perhaps it was simply a matter of needing to create a little space in which to allow germination of new ideas and the regrowth of old ones.

today i was inspired by this and this.


  1. Joe, I think we are always creating even when hiding under the covers :-). Blogger has not been letting me comment, but maybe today I will get lucky. Have a happy week. xoxo

  2. Joe, I hope your catharsis is catchy! Will watch for what you're up to now.
    And thanks for the mention. xo

  3. thanks...this week is filled with extra hours with my residents as i'm covering for a co-worker's vacation as well as my own shifts...but i will be posting regularly this week through it all!

  4. We've been missing your voice and your creations. Thanks for stopping by my flikr stream. Was trying to figure out how you found that image since I had only posted it to the photo class (but I'm glad you liked it.)

  5. it appeared in your photo stream while i was browsing streams of my contacts, cheryl.