Friday, June 3, 2011

more than words

"all our words are but crumbs 
that fall down from the feast of the mind."
- kahlil gibran

most of us have life mottos that we like to live by. a collection of inspirations to live by. or maybe just a motto to get us through our day to day lives. great thinkers before us have shared enduring inspirational quotes that will resonate through time. visionary quotes that give us all a tiny glint of life. gandhi, buddha, einstein, emerson, confucious, jeffereson... the list could go on forever of those who have given us words to live by.

words can take us many places. can evoke in us an awakening to be a better person. enthuse a new direction in life. spark a change.  they help us get through times that seem unbearable. teach us to love. be happy with what we have. or just appreciate ourselves and the earth from which we came.  sharing words that we believe in...or a quote that drives us and inspires us...with another person is something very special. indeed, even more so when our shared words touches someone in a way that manifests new thoughts...or a new way of life.  but, for many of us, there must also be more than words.

this is why i create. manifest art. explore visual interpretation. musical interpretation. i use words to help explain my process. to engage the reader. but i use thread, fabric, bead, dye and whatever else comes to hand to evoke emotion. response. comprehension.

sometimes, i falter. reset. try again. sometimes, manifestation is elusive and the medium lies silent. sometimes, it flows without an end in sight... the challenge is to find equanimity. harmony. balance. frank herbert once said that there is no secret to balance. you just have to feel the waves.

may we all feel the waves more often than not...



  1. I love the Frank Herbert quote! I used run rapids and the first thing you learn is to feel the movement of the river, to become a part of it, this aided in your survival, the riding the waves. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I certainly felt a delicious wave of delight when your piece of fabric manipulation scrolled onto my screen!

  3. thanks, penny! there are several techniques going on in that piece that i teach in my texturizing fabrics workshops. if i ever manage to get my internet connection problems resolved (oh, the joys of living in the country!), i will begin working on getting them online...

  4. actually, with the drought continuing here in alb.nm
    we find ourselves wishing for at least one wave, a day or two of rain...

    to comment on your subject....while watering my brother's garden, in the very early morning hours i have experienced the "wave", stitching amongst his garden of gourds and the music of hungry farm animals waiting to be fed.
    total peace and comfort in the morning breeze.

  5. Joe,
    I do love your posts- I often stop to visit and even though I don't comment- I do appreciate your lovely words and pictures.
    Thank for sharing.
    Warmest regards,

  6. the words in the piece above are rich indeed