Sunday, June 26, 2011

a little frayed around the edges

"it was not...that she was unaware
of the frayed and ragged edges of life.
she would merely iron them out
with a firm hand and neatly
hem them down."
- p.d. james

i love it when an old quilt (or any cloth...or for that matter, bit of furniture, crockery, cook pan or whatever) has been lovingly enjoyed so much that it bears its story proudly upon its edges!  unlike p.d. james, however, i'm more inclined to simply allow them to tell their stories of love and delight rather than hide them beneath new borders and forced gloss.  if everything were to always stay looking new and unused, where would the evidence of a passionately lived life be found?



  1. well said. things that carry the patina of life.

  2. oooh, deanna! i like that: "the patina of life"

  3. Inspirational words to live by. You have expressed my feelings so eloquently. Your words bring tears to my eyes, which is not an easy thing to do.

  4. Lovely sentiments there.
    (I think thats why I wear my grey hair with pride! Ive earned it lol)

  5. Love your thoughts on the worn edges of life.