Friday, December 23, 2011

as swift as it arrived...

the snows have begun to melt as temperatures climbed to the whopping 40's! i wonder if the white stuff will manage to hang on and give us all a white holiday this sunday?

in between 12 and 14 hour shifts, noc shifts (the medical profession's term for graveyard shifts), doubles and a decided lack of sleep, i've still managed to find a little holiday cheer in the decoration boxes to toss about the home. i didn't think i'd get a tree up this year...i must have been sleep decorating or something cuz i really don't seem to recall actually putting the silly thing up! ha!

tonight, yet another of those dreaded noc shifts, i think i shall keep myself awake with some quiet needle chanting on the santa cloth...



  1. Needle chanting sounds a lovely way to while away your time while doing the graveyard shift.
    Your decorations look beautiful.
    Peace and goodwill to you and yours.

    Jacky xox

  2. wishing you joyful times and dancing needles...

  3. Ahhh... needles chanting away. Have a peaceful shift...season too.