Monday, December 24, 2012

as the snow flies

there is nothing quite as disconcerting as crawling under the quilts for a few hours' sleep in the afternoon and waking up to find the entire landscape has changed. it's as if one had spent a few moments in summer-filled fairie and come back a hundred years later to snow and ice. where once there were roads, now there are great swaths of powdery snow. where the air was crisp and clear, it is now frosted and filled with flurries of white. for those around these parts who wanted a white xmas, prayers have been answered. with great abandon!



  1. ahhhh MT winters. Don't miss them at all. LOL

  2. I only find it disconcerting if the plow-guy doesn't come or the snow is so heavy that shoveling is a big deal, or if there are feet of snow on days when I must drive an hour and a half to teach... or, sins of sins, it is raining on top of lovely snow! Safe travels to you.