Tuesday, December 4, 2012

fragments of word and cloth

i have a mind to embark upon a new journey. a journey of cloth. and words. i am done with attempting to coerce myself into completing cloths that simply don't have their heart in being completed. that's not to say that they will never find themselves finished. it just means that i am tired of beating myself into submission to try and finish something that isn't ready to complete its cycle of metamorphosis. to this end, i have designated my great-great-uncle's old steam trunk as home for wayward cloths and will continue to visit, live with, and work on (as they allow) on my various creations of cloth and fibre, have pulled my travelling boots on and pointed them in a new direction.

i have an extensive collection of thoughts and words. my own. those of others both known and unknown. while sitting by the fire and allowing my shoulders and neck time to heal this past week, i had a thought or two that ultimately lead me to an idea. one where fragments of word and cloth come together and instill deeper thought by their seemingly incomplete natures.

there have been many whispers bantered about in mind with regards to what will be done with these fragments. incorporate them into something more? or simply allow them to remain in remnant form? i imagine the answers to these whispered wonderings will emerge at a much later time...

in the meantime, the fragments will flow and manifest and simply be allowed to be what they choose to be. transforming a seemingly impossible situation into a very possible one!



  1. I am so struck by the respect with which you treat your cloths... I also find myself increasing unwilling to FORCE a quilt's finishing, OR to work with cloth that I hate the feel of... in fact, I can't believe how long it's taken me to let myself have a preference for softer, needle-willing fabrics!

    In any case, as your neck and back heal given enough time and rest, so will the fragments find a way to be together. Thanks for this post. It really says so much about being - being in a body, being in life, being in a creative process.

  2. The Steam Trunk Home for Wayward Cloths! Now there's a thought for a story! I like the idea of "possible" and necks and backs getting rested and improving I hope

  3. I so relate to this Joe. I was just thinking this morning...when was the last time you finished a cloth? I start something new, and it speaks to me for a while, and then I become disenchanted with it. I dont want to pick it up...but I try and force myself too (but I dont...I start another cloth!!!!). I am wondering/hoping, that one day maybe they will all come together as a great big whole!
    I like the sound of your journey in cloth and words. Both such a huge part of you.

    Jacky xox

  4. Yes, just go with the flow! If they want to become something more they will let you know. Funny, I find it quite easy to leave a piece unfinished!

  5. today 5th grade & were thinking of new ways to look at words & grammer- "impossible" turned into "I'm possible". I think being part of this community, w/jude's leading the way, has helped me to let go of my pile of unfinished guilt. i like how you're honoring it. I'm working on seeing these pieces, not as failures, but practice steps, stepping stones, or moments that have passed & appreciating them for just that. i think they will feel better w/the pressure off of them!

    hope your healing continues