Saturday, December 8, 2012

at the hermitage

we got more snow these past couple of days. though i've not been out to look at it much. i seem to have pulled in to some place deep this week. having little interest for anything but sitting by the fire and reading books that i've read a thousand times before.

a plethora of ideas run through my head, hungry for manifestation. but my fingers are interested in little more than the crisp pages of yet another book. it must be a combination of the holiday season where family and friends come into sharp focus while i find myself in this vast wilderness with all of mine living elsewhere, and my finally reducing my work week to a "normal" one, leaving me with four days a week to remember that i  have spent my past several years working every moment of each day, leaving no room to socialize and make new friends. for all the family and friends and good will at this time of year, it can be a very lonely time of year for some.

perhaps i can coax my fingers into partaking of a little needle chanting tonight?



  1. Sounds like a cozy way to spend evenings and I have come to the grand conclusion that my cloths that I have begun will be waiting for me when the time is right to continue. I wish you many warm and cozy evenings by the fire and stitching when the time is right. :)

  2. Hi Joe, nothing wrong with just letting yourself be for five minutes, and books read a thousand times before are old friends who've taken you on a thousand journeys - enjoy being restful, take the time for peacefulness

  3. Hey Joe, loveyour beautiful photographs and thoughtful words about The Love of Books! when I look back down the years (and that's a long time now at 57 & 3/4s) books are my life long passion, the space between the covers provides a quiet place of retreat, a private world to explore, a gallery I can hold in my hands and carry with me, full of wonder, fresh perspectives & inspiration. ( BTW that's not off the cuff it's my artist's statement from a few years back & is holding up well)
    Hope you don't mind me asking a technical question - what is that scratched border you use on your photos, it's a great effect!

    1. thank you for this, mo. i like the idea of a book being a gallery that can be held in one's hands. i may have to play with this thought somehow.

      questions of all/any sort are always welcome! i use pixlar express (an online photo editing program) and the border that i use on my photos here is called "grunge" in the default borders category. i really like it's similarity to a photo emulsion transfer.

  4. ooooh just had a little play & that's a lot of fun thank you Joe!

  5. Joe - books are such good company, but I hear the wish for more, perhaps? I am thinking about the snow out there, and the fire crinkling, and you turning the pages of a book you've read many times before. THOSE books are like friends, are they not?

    I recently re-read one of my favorites - "The Crystal Cave" by Mary Stewart. About Merlin. Up to the conception of Arthur. I so love it, even though I'm not really a fantasy-genre die hard fan. Love it.

    What are you reading?

  6. Hi Joe,
    I think I know what you mean. I've been flying with no brakes for the past two years rebuilding my house and trying to pretend that I could handle life as usual. A few days back it turned cold, I am holed up in the kitchen with the heaters on just letting so many thoughts and feelings settle. I have some unstructured time. Heaven. Wishing you a warm winter season. Let the dust of life's chaos settle down like snow and then shovel a path through it.