Tuesday, January 15, 2013

mixing some media

i'm just continuing my thoughts about mixing free-motion machine embroidery with hand stitching and then taking it another step down that brambled path that is the intrepid "what if" trail by adding in some other media besides thread and cloth. i've tossed in some metal and buttons; safety pin and metal beads. before we are done journeying down this road there will most likely be glass and paper and who knows what all else added! all the while keeping within this year's focus: fragments.

i don't think i have really talked much about this focus yet. the intent here is to allow these seemingly "unfinished" pieces to stand on their own. they will range from simple cloth fragments with snatches of thoughts embroidered with simplicity on through the gamut to ones such as this one, exhibiting a riot of color and materials!

of course, i have much still to do with this piece and it seems to be full steam ahead, filled with passionate momentum! there is much embellishment to be done in the lower left corner amongst the metal bits, the knots running diagonally across the cloth are only just beginning to emerge, the bird is still largely untouched, and upper corners and borders need further development. the idea is offset the rather bleak fragment of thought with a counterpoint of joyous color and riotous activity to illustrate that even dressed up. decorated. a broken heart is still always going to be broken. of course, there are many ways one can go with this idea. but that travels well beyond this humble fragment's purpose...which is merely to pose the idea. compel you to think and draw your own conclusions.



  1. I like this piece. Depth, texture, and feeling.
    True art

  2. Joe, this piece is wonderful. It says so much already. The bird reminds of my Gram and always telling me to think of the bluebird of happiness when I was down. Wishing you hours of happy stitching. Keep warm!!!

  3. a nice sampler of technique. it has a nice freshness to it.

  4. this is lovely Joe - the graphic quality of the machine stitching makes a great counterpoint to the hand stitching and other intriguing objects, there's a story there, definitely.
    The bird makes me think of Paul Klee for some reason

  5. Hey Joe ( I like saying that as much as Hey Jude) this is so lovely and light and joyful!