Sunday, March 9, 2014

right under our noses

it's amazing what people are doing right under our noses and we are never aware...until one day we are.  actor and artist, greg lauren (ralph lauren's nephew) has quietly entered the couture market with what one might call a frankenstein-esque style and daring.  when asked in an interview about his rather unassuming journey into fashion, greg replied by saying, "i'm still looking for my story to grow organically at its own pace, even if it is a bit beyond the beaten path."  his resources are generally military surplus (army tents, duffle bags, wool blankets, etc., with the odd bit of purposefully weathered cashmere and leather tossed in for good measure). i first stumbled across this work in an old article here where you can see many more examples of his inventive style of men's wear (he does women's wear as well, though for myself, being a man who has often complained that there just isn't enough interesting clothing being made for men, i'm much more interested in his men's wear).

granted, the article (and most likely his designs) are a few years out dated at this point, i can see i may have make a journey or two downtown to scope out the local military supply shops cuz i would love to fashion a jacket not unlike the one above for myself...outdated or no!



  1. it's a cool look, though I wonder how 'unassuming' his entry into the fashion world can be as the offspring of Ralph Lauren!

    1. i think by "unassuming" they were referring more to his avoidance of major runways and fashion shows. though i seem to be finding more and more designers borrowing from the slow cloth movement in their work. i'm rather behind in my updates, though, since i don't "follow fashion", but so many of them seem to have dabbled these past few years in "urban grunge", "urban guerilla" and "post-apocolyptic" styles that are marked by boro-esque patching and kantha stitching, among other things. which, on a positive note for me, got the creative juices to percolating as there is a tremendous amount of work for men's wear so i've been collecting ideas and references and spring boards in my morgue file for future reference!