Thursday, March 13, 2014

turning to the sunlight

"you can cut all the flowers
but you cannot keep spring from coming."
-pablo neruda

it's been a long winter here in montana. who knows? it may prove longer still. but we are finally getting the odd day of sunlight and warmer weather (if you call the 40's "warm"...but still, it is indeed warmer than the minus numbers of last week). in spite of it all, brave seedlings here and there are daring to turn their heads to the sunlight and push through the vestiges of snow.

grow you little bastards! grow! i'm tired of winter snows!

these past couple of weeks i've been feeling rather like these stoic little wonders. pushing my head up through the gathered "snow" of too muchness.  pushing aside over-abundances of cloth. salvage and otherwise. finding new homes for some. new spaces for others. or just combing through still more and arranging them in some semblance of order. it's amazing what chaos creativity can make of what was once an orderly studio!

perhaps i'll find some new friends whispering their stories amongst this slowly ordered chaos?



  1. i wish i could find some shoots here,,,,

    1. they may be frozen in the near future....or eaten by rabbits.

  2. The first daffodil has opened. It is on the south facing side of the house and usually a month before its friends, but such a welcome sight. I hope the cloth whispers sweet nothings and tells you what it wants to be. Be well!

    1. ah! some of the neighboring folk have daffodils. i shall have take for for a walk and see what i can see...