Tuesday, March 18, 2014

rabbits and folk

a false spring settled in around us here in montana. a few hesitant days of relative warmth and melting snows. the rabbits have been out celebrating. seeking tender greens peeking through the top soil. the community of folk seem to have been doing the same. open windows and the odd door could be spied. folk tentatively meandering about in yards, poking at forgotten implements revealed by the retreating ice.

a little ink sketch on cloth. some tacked bits of scrap to suggest highlight, shade, color, and motion. then a retreat from my perch on the porch as ice showers appeared and pelted winter down the back of my neck. and a realization...where did i put that basket of threads?

time to scurry about in search of color and thread to add...

while i'm searching for the errant threads, take a look at what captured my attention this morning here.



  1. Hi Joe, I love the rabbit :-). I hope Spring comes for real for you soon.

    1. thank you, annie! i'm having a bit of light hearted fun with this one! found my threads this morning and will be adding flowers and definition in the coming few days while the weather outside tries to make up its mind what it is going to present us with. ha!

  2. a little community is gathering on your cloth. love it. it is 30 degrees with a freezing wind here today. just when I was doing precisely what you say - looking around the yard like I might actually garden one of these days soon.! Loved the artist book link.