Saturday, August 4, 2018

getting lost

"it's okay to get lost
every once in a while,
sometimes getting lost
is how we find ourselves..."
-robert  tew

ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like you don't know who you are anymore? like you took one too many turns without being present and now nothing looks... right?

last night i woke into one of these moments and wandered into the sewing studio and just sat there. communed with a few of my stitched and dyed fragments. expressions, really, of self. tiny bits of who i am. or was. or am yet to become. who knows which?

i need to be present more. to myself. to the expression of my own fragments. i've wandered... strayed a bit too far. become lost. 

it's time to find me again..



  1. Hey, joe,
    Mending makes things Beauty FULL
    love, grace

  2. welcome back ;-)

    (ha, that new (?) avatar looks great)

  3. (((Joe))) love this stitched sun/moon face emerging, have you read 'A field guide to getting lost' by Rebecca Solnit?

  4. Joe, your words echo with me. Our lives take many turns and I was forced to put all but a few bits into storage in 2014. I tried to stay engaged, but felt lost. I kept on trudging to my stitching and I arrived! gorgeous stitching Joe!

  5. Wandering into the studio is a step in the right direction. Getting lost, sometimes, as stated is a way to find ourselves, again. Maybe, this process helps us to shake off distractions and stumbling blocks. Blessings.

  6. I feel the same sometimes. Just this morning I sent my two off to college and am now an empty nester. The first time with no children at home and underfoot in 28 years. I will have to find out who the new to me, me will be. I envision many hours in the studio with projects just waiting to come alive under my needle and thread. Wishing you a wonderful journey with yours.