Tuesday, December 21, 2010

and we're off...

we left early yesterday morning before the sun was quite awake...off to spend a week with the folks in idaho.  fresh on the heels of an unexpected winter storm was probably not the best time for a road trip, but apparently mother nature didn't get my request for clear roads...

i've never traveled so far in the truck with the saint.  she's used to having full roam in the back of the blazer, so it was interesting trying to juggle the wheel with the saint trying her best to make like a lapdog...especially while attempting to drive on two feet of packed snow and ice!

ah, the joys of living in the country!  after fourteen grueling hours on the road, we finally pulled into the folks' driveway at midnight last night.  i would have slept in this morning, but the saint had other plans for me...

now it's time to settle in and work on the midwinter long cloth for a bit while mom is off getting her hair done...



  1. Joe thanks for the pictures. I miss the countryside covered in snow. Happy Christmas..

  2. thank you, linda! to be sure, i may sometimes grumble about the snow, but inside, i rejoice! i love everything about living in the country. if i had my druthers, i'd move deeper into it...

  3. Brrrr... I'm so glad we left the snow behind in Wyoming. It's so much nicer here than it is there! Except, that's where my daughter, granddaughter, and granddaughter to be is. I really miss them!
    ;~) Debi

  4. hahahaha! i would miss the snow terribly if i ever left montana. i will most likely move to idaho in the next few years, but it will only be under duress.