Friday, December 31, 2010

peaceful new year to you

"i made no resolutions for the new year. 
the habit of making plans, of criticizing, 
sanctioning and molding my life, 
is too much of a daily event for me." 
~anaïs nin

 i don't know if i could have phrased it better...except, perhaps than by letting go of all of it and quietly sitting in the moment...allowing it all to just be.  harder than one might think...sitting in that elusive moment...our nature is to attempt to pin it down...fasten it to the surface of our minds...mark it...tag it...define it...but as soon as we attempt to do so, it is no longer and we are grasping at the whisping threads of the past, rather than sitting and peacefully being in the moment...

these are amongst the thoughts that stream through mind as i sit and stitch in the new year...well, stitch out the old year, in any case, as i'll be fast asleep long before the new year puts in her appearance since i have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to prepare for another day's work....

i've been allowing the midwinter cloth and the woven c2c cloths to rest a bit while working on this winter small cloth:

and i realize that there appears to be a pattern forming...a pattern of trees...growth...dormancy...quiet fortitude...left facing and therefore entering...or standing quietly in passivity...but not true passivity for they are standing in their knowingness...and in their beingness...circling back to into that thought of being in the moment...trees are never anywhere else but standing in the moment...being what they are...random thoughts urging me back into the needlechanting that was unfolding before i took pause to write these words....

wishing you all a joyous new year, filled with moments of being...



  1. there always seems to be a pattern forming, ha! happy new year.

  2. I totally enjoy your daily "food for thought" glad I found your blog, you definately have a wonderful way with words. (Plus an excellent artist, so wonderful eye candy")

  3. needlechanting, yes. like that a lot. last night i had the chant "she changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes" playing in my head as i was stitching. but i didn't get it! thanks, joe. namaste.

  4. thank you, Helen! it's a joy having you here!

  5. woman with wings, "needlechanting" is borrowed from the illustrious Jude hill, but i liked it do much, it has become a part of my vocabulary as well!

    it's funny you should mention that round, too, as i had that cd on last night ad well... it's an old one, from my distant past, but still one that i enjoy....


  6. Happpy New Year Joe : ) hope this one comes thru : ) enchanted with all your writing, lost/found silk to use in "needlechanting" - love it !! glad you and The Saint are home safe and sound, hope Cat has/will forgive you. Here's to the best needlechanting year EVER : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  7. Yipppppppeeeee - it worked !!!!!
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  8. Happy New Year's Joe! Needlechanting is my word for the new year also. I love the sound of it... almost like the sound of a needle dipping in and out of cloth!

    ;~) Debi

    PS: I'm really loving the new woven "Tree" cloth you have going. I sketched an idea in my sketchbook... one of these days I'll get to it. Right now I'm working on "Lady Winter".

  9. joe and peggy... "she changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes" what song is that from...??? i hear it in the distance not loud enough to grab it but enough to make its presence known.. starting this year with a little mystery... that is a good thing. what i love too is connecting this song phrase with your thoughts on trees, joe. trees have been a strong image in my meditations since forever ago... for exactly that reason... they are always present in each moment... each year more than the year before i long to be ever more present. needle chanting is such a good way to effectuate that. it amazes me that jude has gathered all these people far and wide that add to my spirituality... it comes through the hands... which reminds me of another line ... if we move mountains we will do it with our hands.
    thank you for being here joe..namaste.

  10. your words certainly are food for thought,
    inspiring, i say, "let's stitch our lives
    but then Monday morning is only hours
    away......... :+)

  11. blessings and gratitude, sandra. cat has already forgiven, for he is wise and compassionate. may your own needlechanted dreams become realities this year...and even more so in this moment.


  12. thank you, debi. jude hill has coined a number of wondrous terms and they have touched so many with their whisperings... this one seems to have caressed many more than the seemingly offhanded utterance would have guessed.

  13. nandas, it is a chant popular with pagans and wiccans by starhawk. another wonderful verse from the chant goes,

    "everything lost is found again
    in a new form, in a new way
    everything hurt is healed again
    in a new time, in a new day."

    for me, it is an echo from whispers long ago. in a different place. but the roots go deep into the bedrock of my being.

    we are all whisperers...weaving the thoughts of our lives with those that touch our edges. jude is the fog that illuminates the mystery of what we are doing...clarifies and enshrouds simultaneously...luminous and arcane at the same time. we are blessed to be enfolded in her embrace...

    yet...we are all a part of this fog. this panoply. and therefore, blessed to be enfolded in your embrace. in the embrace of each of us.

    gratitude and joy for being here with you all!

  14. cristina, monday can take care of itself. all we have is this moment. stitch away!