Friday, December 17, 2010

pardon the brief interruption...

didn't work on the midwinter cloth today as i realized how very close xmas is becoming and i haven't finished my dad's hand knit scarf yet.  it's not anything particularly complicated (dad isn't flashy), but it still takes quite a bit of time...i'm estimating about 30 hours to complete (i'm a slow knitter since i knit for the process rather than the end product) and i'm only about a third done.

if you have some perverse desire to see some of my past knitting, weaving, bookbinding, bearmaking, whatever projects, you can find them on my flickr photostream (link in the side bar).  there isn't anywhere near anything approaching a decent representation of my past work there...but there's an odd pic or two in any case.

it's cold out, the "kids" are sleeping, and i have a little more to do on this scarf before turning in tonight, but i'll be back on track with the midwinter cloth  tomorrow...



  1. joe..the tree cloth is very beauty Full...i
    love the root threads a LOT...
    kantha..well, for me there is such a deep deep
    pleasure in that. i think you are going to
    get lost in this stitching. the Flickr is
    wonderful and gives a good sense of where you
    are coming favorite is the catarpillar
    book...brilliant....and you are a colored
    pencil person, ahhhhh. like your newest hat too. we go in the New Year...a lot to look
    forward to, yes?

  2. Joe, I like "the gathering" -- reminds me of my circle. In my mind's eye, I want us to look like that.
    Slow is good when knitting.

  3. grace, thank you so much. i am looking forward to the kantha chanting. so much so that i am on the lookout for a couple or few sari so i can even try my hand at a traditional kantha quilt some day soon!

    such promise and possibity for the new year already!

  4. woman with wings, i am quite certain it was your circle I happened across one summer solstice and used for the inspiration of the gathering!