Wednesday, December 22, 2010

some stitching, a fine dinner, and a quiet night...

spent a nice afternoon stitching on the midwinter long-cloth, sipping a good merlot, and spending some quality time with the saint wrapped around my feet and my folks on the davenport.  mom, of course, has decided the midwinter long-cloth is hers.  i'm not certain what the cloth has to say about's still revealing itself and hasn't spoken much above a whisper....

i've added some modified kantha stitching around the moon to give it some radiance... i think it may need some more...maybe some spaced stitches to suggest fading light?  i have also started adding french knot snowflakes.  think the cloth still wants some random seed stitch snowflakes to add texture and visual interest.  as you can see, the roots definitely extend beyond the outer edge and will become part of a fringe with the cloth is complete.

you can see the modified kantha stitches better in this close up as well as some of the french knot snow flakes.  i'm not certain where that little dragon pup flew in from but he seems rather interested in what's going on there...

here you can see the beginnings of that bird's nest i mentioned in an earlier post (i used the scissors to point at it to help you find it since it isn't well-defined yet).  that little curl on the left side is couched down.  i'm thinking it needs more thread or at least an egg or a bird or something, but will come back to it's being somewhat vague with it's desires at the moment...

here's a close up of the root system of this quiet little tree.  it's still just pinned down and patiently awaiting to be couched (if you could see the rest of this picture, you'd be groaning at the pun since the cloth is sitting on the couch at the moment).  i will most likely work on couching them all down tomorrow before going back to stitching snowflakes, moonbeams and other various sundry bits.  somewhere, just out of sight, is still a quiet presence waiting for the right moment to present itself.  the anticipation is of meeting him/her is poking me in the side like an unruly child.  i can hardly wait...

this was the wonderful dinner my dad prepared for us tonight (odd that he seems to do most of the cooking when my mom is the master chef!).  the crustacean was delectably amazing.  i could have eaten three more of them but had to remind myself that i'm trying to watch my consumption these days....

now i'm off to bundle up and go sit by the waterfall out back with the saint and soak up some of the crisp midnight air and bask in the starshine now that the snowstorm has passed us by.  i wonder if the saint will be wanting a scarf tonight, too?



  1. Hey! Your cloth has snow!!!! It's really looking like a mid-winter's night dream! Give the Saint a Christmas hug from Sydney and me.
    ;~) Debi

  2. thank you and i most certainly will! merry christmas!

  3. What a delightful blog! I've found you through Jude Hill's side bar. I've taken a few classes with her and I'm thinking about signing up for the advanced class as a christmas present to myself.
    I hope you and the saint enjoyed the midnight star viewing.
    Looking forward to seeing who shows up in your cloth. The kantha around the moon is lovely.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Namaste, Cat

  4. thank you, cat! i'm working through her first cloth to cloth right now and signing up for her advanced cloth to cloth class for my holiday gift to myself and can hardly wait! the saint and i enjoyed the midnight star viewing immensely, though were both chilled by the time we retired back by the fire...

    just took a quick peek at your blog and am looking forward to exploring it further... love the snow-showered buddha!

    holiday blessings!


  5. Joe, I should be knitting my last unfinished gift but here I am blown away by your gorgeous moon cloth. Dang!

  6. hahaha, woman with wings! it did that to me, too. i've had to put it aside for a couple days to finish knitting up a scarf for my dad and making an americana folk art santa doll for my mom. i look forward to getting back to it on sunday, though! woohoo!