Friday, February 17, 2012

a little rust break

taking a little break from the batik large cloth to dig around in my rusted treasures pile and collect a few new sun shapes to play with. these ought to create interesting suns!  i've also found a stash of interesting rusty shapes that i hope to play with soon, too. more on them later...wouldn't want to ruin the suspense now, would i?

meanwhile, i've also been doing a lot of thinking about my magic diaries quilt. you know? that wonderful whispering series by jude hill that i've been following for months on end now but hiding from like a hermit crab? it's not that i've not wanted to participate... but rather, that i've simply had to limit my time. but i'm beginning to get cave fever and need to crawl out into the cloudy light of winter and play!

so, i'll be starting "magic diary monday" here at manhandled threads to chronicle some of my progress, as well as participating in the series group.  i'll be approaching it in a somewhat unorthodox manner (what's that? you say! joe! unorthodox? never!) i'm going to be jumping in sidewise with this one...but you will have to wait until the first magic diary monday next week to find out what i mean by that, so stay tuned!

(was that just too mean of me or what?)



  1. Ha, a pretty sneak-peak kind of post! Love the rusts, look forward to seeing what happens there.... I'm in a cave, too....

  2. You are a meanie....keeping us in suspense. I cant wait to see what you are up to...jumping in have us intrigued.

    Jacky xox

    1. ha! that's me...always doing things bassackwards!

  3. Waiting with bated breath! I love the magic cloth and how meditative it is. I do have to watch that I don't stitch all night, however. :)