Monday, February 27, 2012

magic diary monday

stepping into anything sideways always involves its own set of complications, and this time is no different.  first, to bring myself to work in a palette i would not ordinarily choose to work in. second, to conform my ideas to someone else's structure, yet transform it into my own vision. finally, to settle on an idea that will work with the palette and structure harmoniously.

after tossing around several ideas, i finally settled on doing one of my favorites: an alphabet cloth. it can be inserted into most any structure and is nondependent upon any color scheme. can be embellished in unlimited ways and is, again, one of my favorites!
almost seems like cheating...



  1. Why cheating? Like, no pain no gain?

    1. something along those lines. . .though there will still be plenty of challenges along the way so i imagine i ought not feel too guilty!

  2. aside from guilt being a useless emotion? cuz i do so enjoy things with letters on them. . .

  3. Well, the sideways process is way more challenging than beginning anew, don't you think? The alphabet idea is fabulous. And if you enjoy it, even more so. Just saying.

  4. hhhmmmmm ... sideways . . . one reads an alphabet from left to right (well, in english anyway) so this sounds perfect.
    i'm curious to see what's next.


  5. Joe I sooo agree about getting caught up in the minutia of life! It is a big challenge for me to squeeze in time to stitch and when I do it is usually a choice between sleeping or stitching?
    Jumping in sideways is just least you are jumping in lol! : )
    Love your sketch of the feather and moon/sun face.
    Using alphabets is always a favorite...I love stitching words.
    have fun <3

    1. true! for me, too, it is frequently a choice between stitching or sleeping. though, i must confess, i usually choose stitching unless my body gives me no choice! ha!