Thursday, February 9, 2012

thread chanting

in keeping with being gentle, i've been quietly thread chanting this little peacock based on a vintage pattern found in an old sewing box. most of it is kantha stitch, though they did not call it such. my mind has been wandering around other designs and images that could translate nicely into kantha stitch. perhaps this will be a new direction for quiet moments when my fingers are not in the mood to be needle chanting 4,320 inch and a half squares into a bed cloth...



  1. A peacock any peahen is bound to fall over heals for...very handsome.
    Oh my, good luck with those teeny tiny squares.

  2. thank you, penny. for the wish for luck, as well. though the teeny tiny squares transformation is a loooooong term project. completely open-ended. ha!

  3. What a great piece, Joe. The inch and a halves turn into inchies then? That's awesome!