Monday, February 6, 2012

being gentle

"although we are not often taught this, 
the most skillful way through an impasse 
in meditation is to become aware of it 
and of what holds it together 
and keeps it running."
-jason siff

i find this to be true in anything. be it meditation. art. work. whatever! the trick, though, it seems, is to figure out how to actually do this. for me, if i simply keep doing the meditation...the art...the the manner that has gotten me this far already, and resist the temptation to push harder, but rather applying a softer, gentler touch, then the impasse will begin to dissolve and fall away. sometimes i don't even notice the moment that it does. i just notice all of a sudden that the resistance is no longer there. other times, it simply remains as it is. and that is okay, too. i just allow them to be what they are until they choose to be something else (notice i did not say "something more"). perhaps this is why i no longer stress over what others call their uncontrollable pile of ufo's. by allowing them to simply be, i am able to enjoy them nonetheless...and remove the stress of feeling as thought i simply must finish them this moment!

though, there are those who will stress over even this... ha!

today i am inspired by this.



  1. Oh yes... important practice for me. I frame it as breathing and sinking energy to my roots, reclaiming a connection to source that lets me remember to be soft and gentle with myself in order for energy to flow. Thanks for this, this morning I am doing exactly THIS.

    1. i'm so glad this spoke to you, valerianna! it has been a very helpful practice for me...