Friday, February 3, 2012

unexpected finds

digging through boxes of rusty metal dyeing resources that i recently acquired offered this little gem. i'm not sure what it is from, but it seems to make a rather nice frame, don't you think? now to find and interesting old wood box...or piece of barn wood...or other rustic bit to tack it to. oh...and the perfect picture to put in it, too, of course!

as you can see in this close up, it has a lovely patina. i had originally purchased it to rust dye some fabric, but hate to destroy this beautiful job that age has already done with it...

perhaps an old photo of my great great uncle and attach it to his steam trunk? or a wedding photo of my folks and attach it to...something else?

whatever i decide, i'm certain it will become a treasure to enjoy for many years to come...

today, i am inspired by this. not only by the beautiful image, but also by the words...



  1. Too cool - it definitely wants to be a frame.

    1. that's what i kept hearing it whisper... though, a frame for a photo? a scrap of cloth? i still haven't been able to hear that bit clearly enough.

  2. Finds like this are such great fun!

  3. seems to match your rusted piece in some way