Wednesday, July 25, 2012

in the right light

in the right light,
at the right time,
everything is extraordinary.
-aaron rose

just continuing with yesterday's thoughts...and observing my surroundings. i am amazed as i watch them under the growing light of early morning...again in the bright light of mid-day...still again in the twilight of the setting sun...

in one light, the subtle nuances of an object is lost. in another light, the brightest colors are washed out and details are obliterated. but the change of light does not reflect a change in the object itself. the object remains the same. i think this holds true not only in art, but also in life.

my focus today is to look at my art...and life around me...with a new eye. one intent upon seeing what is there to see in all of its guises, regardless of the light that illuminates it. not with a goal towards judging the conditions...but merely to observe. and delight in all the facets of my environment! will you join me?


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