Saturday, July 14, 2012

so long - hello again

i said "so long," to smoky idaho after a delightful two week stay with my folks. the state saw many a smoke-filled day and night as so many fires raged about the countryside, filling its skies with smoke and ash during my stay. by the end of my stay, both the saint and i were hacking and coughing...

such sights as these riddled my afternoon and evening drive across the state as i headed home.

the sights grew more fearsome as night fell across the land...and fires in the eastern part of the state still raged very close to the interstate. i wondered on occasion if the highway would be closed as there were several areas that had obviously been closed earlier in the week where the highway was scorched as badly as the countryside flanking it on both sides!

you can imagine how inviting the sunset was back home in montana this morning. the big sky was filled with crimson tinged clouds...but thankfully, notably absent of smoke and flame! the news was hopeful for idaho's fires today as rain began to fall. hopefully, it will not bring more lightening along with it... my parents are safely tucked in their little burgh outside of boise...though no one seems safe from the smoky fall-out of so many fires burning across the countryside. my thoughts and prayers are with all those in idaho (and in so many other places, such as parts of montana, colorado and others) who have been affected by these wildfires. too many have lost their homes and more...



  1. Intense -glad you are home safe!

  2. it's all so scary. glad you had a good visit and that all is well.

  3. Oh yes, the fires can be so scary. We have 'fire season' down here in SoCal. Glad you and your folks are all safe in your homeplaces.

  4. Nature can be very scary can't it. You and the Saint must be relieved to be able to breathe again. Even up here by the sea it's so dry outdoor fires are banned.

  5. You must've been *very* close to get these photos. Breathe deep. xo

  6. Wow! Living in the Great Basin is not for the faint hearted! Luckily, we have not had a range fire this summer (knocking wood). The way the fire builds upon itself, chokes off the sky and air, is scary. Glad you and the saint are safe and I hope your parents are too.