Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a little mindless stitching

i have been enjoying working on some new projects for jude hill's advanced boro class that will soon be at a point where they will be photographed and posted, today decided to take a break from it all and do a little mindless stitching. partly to use a little of my more traditional quilting fabric stash. partly to remind myself that there will be a spring again some day!  yesterday we were graced with yet another day of snowfall and last night an arctic front moved in, dropping our temps to -10F.  while out running errands in -4F temps today, i dropped down to the yellowstone river (less than a mile from my home) and poked around to see how she was doing...

egads! it was cold today!! and tonight, the temps are plunging even deeper...to -19F!  i try to remind myself that without winter, spring would not be so sweet. sometimes i forget.

yes...at times, it is easy to forget that it will be warm again...  so i busied myself with deconstructing some more fragments. undoing a few throw pillows and harvesting cloth for use in some re-newed cloth.

hoping the golden tones will kindle a little warmth in my bones...

meanwhile, today i found and loved this, this and this!



  1. isn't it true? this is such a winter, even here, it will be even more amazing this year when spring returns....

  2. we are quite cold here this morning but not as cold as you and thankfully no snow. love seeing your snow pictures. we have 2 days that are springlike and then freezing temps. lots of variety and i like it. and thanks for linking to my blog.

  3. In such a cold and snowy winter time it's good to cuddle up with some stitch work (if you're allowed to do so of course, says a retired person ....)

  4. love those golden tones of fabric, reminds me of the sun, which is no where to see now, especially here in Portland!!!

  5. Glad you are stitching. My artwork gets me through the most challenging of times. We had a record HIGH to day of -1 here in Denver. I did my errands...and went swimming!...inside, of course...I think it was -11!!! It felt great to be gliding through the warm, satiny, salt water while catching glimpses of the snow dusted pine trees from the corner of my eye each time I came up to breathe...glorious.

  6. golden colors give warmth.
    tis what we need here in alb. nm
    right now temp is 7F, tonight -8. huh?
    this is so unusual and frankly unwanted.
    what is a kid to do? oh ya! time to stitch!

  7. Lovely to see you are still 'deconstructing'. Those golden hues are sure to warm your soul as you stitch.

    I've been away visiting with my MIL so have to catch up on my workshop with Jude now I am home. Enjoying visiting everyones blogs today to see what they have been up to.

    I am hoping it is beginning to warm up for you on your side of the world...very strange seasons we are having worldwide.

    Jacky xox

  8. Love those fabrics!!!!! And it's been a wicked winter here also. It kind of feels like this is the year that winter hit most of the country. Heavy-handed so to speak. Spring will be lovely and I'm going to soak in every lovely moment of it. I think the same-ness of the gray days is starting to get to me. That river looks wicked cold. It makes me cold just to look at the photos.