Monday, February 21, 2011

random acts of lunacy

it's almost midnight on sunday night...and the practice love. be generous. give away is about to end. i've been enjoying all the wonderful comments and stories and look forward to seeing who will win my little woven heart cloth!

it's been rather insane around these parts. the snows are bearing down on us again, and i've been picking up shifts at work like a mad man since so many have been out sick or on vacation.

i'm feeling a little like that poor donkey these days. a bit overworked...but can't really complain, seeing as how i can say "no" as easily as the next guy...

in the spirit of this insanity, i've picked up a double tomorrow and am headed for bed to prepare for those 16 hours of caregiving, so i will be announcing the winner tomorrow night.

yup...unfortunately so...but i'm fairly certain y'all can handle holding out for just a few more hours to see who won, can't ya?

right. i'm off to slumberland and to dream tranquil fiber dreams....



  1. Wishing you dreams of treasures found, inspiration bubbling up, and restful slumber. Remember to take care of yourself.

  2. Hi Joe, I hope you had a good and restful, dream filled sleep. I have a long work day ahead too, I can never say no to work either, but sometimes I surprise myself and a no peeps out :-). Have a good day and remember to take breaks and eat something. Please let me win that beautiful heart :-). xoxo

  3. thank you, jeanie! the dreams turned out to be....interesting. not so restful as it dropped below 0 degrees and i had to bring the outstide dog inside...and i don't think he ever sleeps. maybe tonight will be better! :)

    anywho....back to work...


  4. hi annie! thanks so much. true, i occasionally (rarely) manage to squeak out a no myself...but not lately.

    you are most welcome to win that heart...but i guess we'll just have to wait and see who gets drawn from the bowl tonight when i get home! :) i've got everyone's names already written out and in the bowl...just waiting for the time to stir them up and let one jump out! it'll be a great ending to a long day!


  5. Who doesn't love a random act of lunacy? The title grabbed me :)

    Get some can give until you give to yourself.