Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fortune cookie wisdom wednesday

today's cookie fortune puts me in mind of one of my favorite ram dass sayings:

“It is important to expect nothing, 
to take every experience, 
including the negative ones, 
as merely steps on the path, 
and to proceed.”

with the most important line being the last one, "...and to proceed."  all too often, when i find myself succumbing to a negative attitude or thought, i find myself shutting down in response.  i think a lot of us do this. we become overwhelmed by the negative emotion and simple stop. everything.  for me, this means i stop communicating. stop putting things away. stop doing anything i don't absolutely have to do because of iron-clad commitments. i must not shut down, but must continue to tread down the path of my life and to look within for strength and wisdom.

looking...indeed, seeing...within, changes one's outer vision and the world becomes a gentler place.  this may not come without suffering. in fact, it is most certain that some form of suffering will be found along the trail. but, as anaïs nin tells us, "there came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  and we must look closely within to discover this time in our own personal cycles. however, the reward is freedom and authenticity. two very worthy rewards...



  1. All I can say is, "thank you for this." I needed to read it today.
    : )

  2. Oh how I relate to that last quote! I was tired of the pain of holding in my creative desires, and the blossoming feels entirely liberating.

  3. You have the ability to put into words how I try
    to live. Looking at what is there, instead of what
    I wish was there, shows the way to keep going forward.

  4. Joe, this post is so spot on and exactly what I have been dealing with all week. The other night I was feeling sad and instead of pushing the sadness away, or turning my attention somewhere else, I simply welcomed the sadness, and felt it and cried and then puff it was gone. For me learning to really feel things and not always trying to be positive has been a huge step. I am still positive, but in a somehow different and deeper way. xoxo
    P.S. You quoted two people I love very much.

  5. Everything you say here is true and relatable...With the tough things and they come around often, I tell myself that those things will make me a wiser more compassionate be a wise old
    enjoy the journey...

  6. yes, this fortune cookie seemed to have been broken open at the right time for many of us. it's amazing how synchronicity can work sometimes, isn't it?!


  7. YES! Freedom and authenticity...I have just said out loud the elphant that has been in the middle of my is sooooo scary. I am right there WITH you! :)