Monday, February 14, 2011

grumpy kitty is back

piper is doing much better, albeit his grumpy side hasn't improved. we took a little trip this afternoon to the vet before i headed into work. i don't know if it was the thought of getting a shot or two, or if he was just growing weary of being grumpy, but he started to come out of it when we got back home. the vet couldn't find anything wrong and suggested that maybe he was depressed or unsettled by some change in the household. the only thing i could think of was a change in litter brands...but he's never been a picky i dunno. i'm just glad he's feeling better. i'm thinking it had more to do with all of the warm wishes and love flying on wings of grace to him by all of you (and a little help from the cloth therapy). thank you so very much!!



  1. So glad that Piper is coming around. I am sure that it was the love and the cloth therapy!!!

    Brilliant, soul-filled remedies for all.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Hurrah! I am so glad Piper is feeling better. He looks so much like a cat I had (Junior aka Ken Griffey). Take care Piper and you too, Joe!

  3. Maybe cats get a bit depressed over the winter months just like humans do?
    I am just so pleased Piper is more his grumpy self again. He's such a handsome fellow!

    Happy Valentines to you, Piper and the Saint (bit late I know).

    Jacky xox

  4. So relieved..... suppose we all get a bit down at this time of year.

  5. I was wondering how he was doing, so glad he's better! Pasha cat had a stint this winter of being somewhat depressed. It seemed to take him a while to surrender to the more than usual snows and being indoor much more. He seems to have adjusted, but it was worrisome.
    Maybe I should try some cloth therapy just to be safe!

  6. What a beautiful kitty. Hope Piper is feeling better.

  7. So glad Piper is better. He is one handsome cat.

  8. Hi Joe...I've been happily looking around your do beautiful, soulful work. I like what you said about it in your profile... "i like to use components that have personal significance to me, but are open to multiple interpretations – that leave the viewer free to interpret significance and symbolism for themselves, as they choose. all art is, in my opinion, an attempt at communication, and if i am able to evoke a response, my work is especially satisfying."
    I feel the same way, but you've expressed it perfectly. <3
    Oh, I'm happy Piper is feeling better

  9. Hi Joe,

    I found your blog via OWOH -- great blog for sure! :) Thanks for visiting my blog -- it's always a pleasure to welcome someone there.

    No litter brand, huh? Maybe Piper can smell something we humans can't -- just a thought. Maybe it's like using newspaper instead of toilet paper -- who knows?! ;)

    Happy creating,

  10. Glad to hear Piper is feeling better. What a relief!

  11. I'm glad Piper is feeling better. My dog is happier too as he can now see the ground. He saw two squirrels this afternoon scaring me with his bark, but you know what...he was surprised the the squirrels didn't even jump with his mighty roar.

  12. I'm so glad Piper is feeling better. I have been recovering from some surgery myself and had to go back a few posts to read - I must say that it was really nice to know the outcome at the same time!
    Hum... Piper? Piper Heidsiek?
    XOX Cat