Monday, April 16, 2012

rabbit moon

"while the moon
floats over the ocean,
a rabbit runs
over the waves."
-ancient noh poem

this motif is very popular in japanese decoration and tells the story of a rabbit who crosses the ocean from okino island to inaba by using the backs of sharks as stepping stones. not favoring sharks much myself, i've chosen to have my rabbits romping in the waves beneath a sleeping rabbit moon instead. the salvaged and stitched cloth to the right of my sketch is the background for this panorama and is only a seed for manifesting these whispers... but i had to start this journey tonight to fill the long, quiet hours while the elders sleep and the laundry dances in the mud room. next, i shall begin work on the sleeping rabbit moon... it seems that my unusual habit of maintaining a box of scraps and salvage fabric in the back of my truck has proven useful once again!



  1. such a beautiful story Joe, and I love your sketch, especially the rabbit moon. (I drew a rabbit/hare in a bowl this weekend...for painting, not thinking about him in fabric).
    Beautiful mind you have Joe...and those fabrics are scrumptious. Looooove those blues, especially the ones with squares.

    Loved this post.

    Jacky xox

    1. thank you, jacky! it always amazes me how ideas and streams of consciousness tend to flow through mind and touch so many all at one! would love to see your rabbit/hare in a bowl!

      those blues with the squares were salvaged from some old shirts in my closet at one point. there was nothing wrong with them, mind you. i simply liked the color and the print and decided they needed to be "salvaged" instead of worn again! ha!

    2. hi joe (am typing with cat curled up in arms ...she does not normally allow me to cuddle/nurse her)... so typing one handed amd enjoying the cuddle.
      will take a photo of my sketch soon and show you. we have a few hares where i live. i love them.

      j xox

  2. Rabbits are dear to my heart because of the love my youngest daughter has of one one certain stuffed bunny, affectionately named "bun bun". She has had it since she was a baby. Shhhh don't tell...
    but in the wee hours last night she woke me and said she could not find "bun bun".
    This rabbit is the Velveteen Rabbit, hence my love for rabbits.
    Love the sketch.
    Sometimes I throw a bag of scraps, thread and needles in my purse to take to work.
    I love that you throw a box of scraps in the back of your truck.
    You are one cool guy : )

    1. i certainly hope bun bun showed/shows up! a velveteen rabbit can become quite emotional when lost and alone!

      would that i could simply throw a bag of scraps in my backpack...but i tend to go large all too often, hence the need for a box of scraps! but a bag would be less cumbersome! ha!

  3. Oh, yes, I much prefer your version. and you know what....perhaps we should all carry a bag of scraps in the car....just in case.

    1. maybe it is the old boy scout in me? or simply that i can't stand to sit and stare at the walls (unless i'm doing blank wall meditation, of course). and with my crazy schedule these days, sometimes these night shifts are the only opportunity i have to sew for days at a time.

      but, yes! let's do start a revolution and all carry a bag or scraps along wherever we go! when i used to knit and design for knitting, we had a term for taking our knitting along with us wherever we went: kip...or kipping. kip = knit in public. perhaps we could sip? stitch in public!

  4. love your sleeping rabbit moon ....

  5. oh my~!
    that bunny moon totally captures my imagination . . .
    i say yes~! to the sip idea.


  6. The drawings are simply magical! And a sleeping rabbit moon, how fabulous, with rabbits skipping along the waves. I love it. I can't wait to see more.
    Sipping...I work at home and make my living at the sewing machine and yet...I sip. I have a basket that goes from the sewing room, to the living room, on to the back porch and into the car for trips. How could one possibly travel without needle and thread?! Could not be done!
    Thank you for the inspiration! And I do hope Bun Bun is found. Velvetine Rabbets should never be alone.
    Namaste, Cat