Thursday, February 6, 2014

and miles to stitch before i sleep

"we choose what attitudes
we have right now.
and it's a continuing choice."
-john c. maxwell

as i've been adding to the thousands of stitches already in community, i've been thinking about attitudes. there are attitudes of cloth. and of clothmaking. of anything...and everything...really. these attitudes can help or hinder. can evoke or collude. they are what propel us forward in our discovery of the world around us...or give us excuse to sit back in our armchairs and let it all pass by.  i see this in the way i founder at times. allow my creative endeavors to languish while i tell myself that i have no more ideas. or that i am overwhelmed and must retire and repose.  but it is my choice. in that moment. no matter what i tell myself. and it feels good to be needle chanting once again. to hear the whispers of a whole herd of beasties clamoring to crawl out of the depths of my imagination and onto the backdrop of the cloth i am making. here. now.

be patient, my beauties. your turn will come. but first i must create the corners for you to play in....


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  1. so glad you've got some mojo back, I think it's the doing that releases the inner spirit - not that I take my own advice nearly enough! Happy needle chanting Joe