Saturday, February 22, 2014

half-way spot

the first few rows of community are stitched. the half-way spot. the hand stitching is going as slowly as this year's winter.but the rich colors stand in welcome counterpoint to winter's somber greys. they bring warmth and cheer into the house.

there is a basket of squares and circles cut from the same stack of salvaged garments and linens that are waiting patiently (more patiently than i) to be stitched in place. creating the second layer. to add depth. to break up the linear quality of this cloth. perhaps even to begin to set the stage for the beasties whispering in the wings...chomping at the bit to populate the community of this cloth. but hand stitching is a meditative process. a slow process. a growing, organic process. there is no desire here to rush...



  1. Just looking at the community cloth made me happier. Color is a sure cure for winter doldrums, especially when the threat of snow is again in the forecast. Take care, Joe. Spring is on the way as the crocus on the south side of the yard are budded up. :)

    1. i'm so pleased, jeannie! community is doing its job then... i'm not sure where you are geographically, but i know the crocus round these parts are still hiding beneath the ground. there is still not a bit of green to be seen anywhere. we even got more snow today...with promises of more to come. but i know spring will put in an appearance at some point. until then, i will continue to supply my own bursts of color!

  2. It looks so colourful, looking forward to seeing it along the way. The beasties will be something else.

  3. Wonderful energy, it's just brimful of life

  4. community is so beautiful...i'm waiting for flowers in MN