Monday, February 10, 2014

the road unseen

it would seem that winter is not going anywhere soon here in the wilds of montana. while it may not look like it, there is a road under all that snow. somewhere. or, at least i think there is. hope there is. since i just drove 3 miles along what i thought to have been a road and not some farmer's field. ha! thank goodness for four wheel drive!

once overcoming the madness that convinced me i needed to be out plowing my way through the additional 6 inches of snow that fell yesterday (following 8 inches a few days before that and 6 inches a few days earlier still), i settled back in by the fire and the purring cat to cover a few more miles of needle chanting with community.  i really ought to finish the background before populating this cloth with its family of beasties...but i may have to give in and allow one or two to emerge on the first row before i get that far along...


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