Tuesday, February 4, 2014

mathematical cats

just continuing is a good practice to be doing. i started doodling various and sundry felines this morning while sipping a hot mug of chai to ward against the inversion temperatures dropping outside. a couple of them are quite "jude-ish" in style, aren't they? it's always fun to recognize elements of people you admire. ha!

i may not be able to control myself long enough to finish the endless miles of seam stitching before these felines sort themselves out on my cloth. but isn't that the way of felines? mine are always making themselves at home right in the middle of any cloth i am working on...whether or not they were invited. such entitled little buggers.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Joe !
    Thanks for visiting ánd for your compliments ;-)
    I must appologize for not coming by frequently lately : our computer is really nearly dead ( I was amazed your blog opened at all ... a sign ??)
    I think you should finish your red socks : your winters are cold enough to want some nice warm socks. And with a colour like that, your heart warms up first !
    Love your doodle cats (thought I recognized the teeth ;-) !)
    And thank you for that jumping elephant hi hi hi !
    Have fun stitching (or knitting)