Monday, February 17, 2014


the snow continues to wrap the countryside in its icy embrace. sometimes falling. sometimes melting. sometimes blowing in the wind. but ever present.

i try to stay inside as much as possible. to stitch. to make music. to cuddle with the purr-full kitty. to indulge in drowsing by the fire.

it's been a relaxing week. even when work intrudes...or when i find myself too busy to pursue more desired activities...



  1. What a beautiful image Joe. Glad to know you're getting some down time for relaxing. Nothing like a purr full moggy for encouraging some sit down and chill time - unless, of course, there is the chance of biscuits in the food bowl!

    1. it was a beautiful moment! true about the purr-full moggy...and he does his best to pin me down whenever he gets the chance. ha!