Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fortune cookie wisdom wednesday

thanks to a very generous and amazingly talented friend found through the one world one heart 2011 event, i now have a marvelous new fortune cookie wisdome wednesday banner!  the bodhi chicklet creates these too lovely for words fortune cookies from some sort of clay. they look so real, i am frequently tempted to munch into one...but have managed to refrain thus far. i remember thinking how wonderful they looked when i stumbled across her engaging blog...and how disappointed i was when i didn't win her give away offering of three of these beauties. you can imagine my delight, and amazement, when she wrote to tell me that she was sending some to me just because she has a big heart and a generous hand and knew how much i would enjoy them! they even have their own fortunes nestled inside...perhaps next time i'll have to share one of them!

until then...

sad, but true.  i've been known to receive fortune cookies lacking in fortune.  i'm thinking this is yet another of those times, for all the same that it contained this slip of paper....



  1. Funny! The last few times I've gotten fortunes, I yell at the cookie- "hey, that's not a fortune, that's a statement!" I think unless the tellers of the "fortunes" don;t go back to fortunes, they should be renamed, Statement Cookies. In the meantime, I do wonder what's inside those ceramic cookies!

  2. Oh piffle. That IS disappointing. I've never gotten one of those but I would say when you do it's up to you to make your own fortune that day. And make it a good one!

  3. I am so glad that the Bodhi Chicklet sent some to you. I was the lucky winner and I adore mine. They do look good enough to eat, don't they?