Tuesday, April 12, 2011

pity the monsters

"this used to be a mean monster
until he got sick one winter
with the flu & stayed in
bed & watched too much
little house on the prairie
& now the littlest thing &
he starts to cry."
- brian andreas

have lately been contemplating the various monsters we harbor in our hearts and minds. fear. lack of esteem. distrust. inaction. self doubt. oh...the list goes on ad naseum. 

the odd thing about these monsters, however, is that when you look back at them, they get nervous.  the shy away from scrutiny. they know their posturing is full of bluff and blunder.  they have no inherent power. only that power that we give to them. even when they look deeper into themselves, they find they haven't the heart for monstering...

a bit more stitching to do on this little one eyed monster book cloth, but he's coming along nicely.  i'm already feeling my heart soften towards him....



  1. sounds like your monsters have teeth of silk joe, it's good to stare back at them.
    I've been wondering - how's your friend who is giving away all his stuff, how is he coping, perhaps some of his monsters are more real?

  2. yes, kaite, i would say some of his monsters are more real than mine, to be sure. he is holding together and has moved in with his sister for a short while. until things settle down and he figures out what step to take next. thank you so much for thinking of him and asking. he is ever in my thoughts and prayers. i know he is going through an amazing tough time right now.


  3. Joe,
    This monster looks very gentle indeed. Most monsters just need us to notice them and to let them tell their scary story, we listen with kindness, but then we put them to bed.
    P.S. Your friend will be okay. Actually he is just at the start of a great adventure once he lets go of fear(which is the hardest part). Best of luck to him.

  4. Ah that is the most perfect monster, I love his one eyed glare, toothy grin and his dainty embroidered ears!
    The monsters within.... always food for thought when I am visiting here!

  5. I think I'm in love with your monster! He does the soul good. Thank you for good thoughts. I'm glad your friend's life is settling.

  6. that is the sweetest monster i've ever seen.

  7. YES! I created the stories for my monsters to cope with life. Now I can look at those monsters and rewrite the story using my adult eyes. I just posted inspirational quotes I found about this! I LOVE the softening towards the monster. soft, gradual, with kindness. THANK YOU!

  8. Adorable piece but sad story :( I hope all is OK with your friend... Sending hugs xox

  9. Love your monster Joe. I suspect he had become a gentle monster now that you have identified him.