Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring snow

woke up to six inches of new-fallen, wet, soggy snow this morning...  just when you thought it was safe to pack away the woolens and break out the thongs!  ha!  i must have forgotten that i live in montana...

it's been snowing all day, too.  non stop.  sleep and snow.  so much for the saint's recent grooming.  at least, bringing her into work with me so much has kept her much cleaner than she would be if she were at home, playing in the mud behind my back... much like this guy:

she's been worse in her day...but i try to keep her a million miles from any mud now that i've experienced her high and muddiness!

this batty weather has reminded me of a little critter that's been lurking in the back corners of my mind for some time.  i think he may come out and play tonight...maybe even bring a friend, if it's not too crazy at work once everyone is tucked safely in their beds.  we'll just have to wait and see...



  1. Two words: OH NO! Although we've been cold, we haven't seen more than a flake or two. My sincere condolences. And I mean that in the way that I KNOW what it is to live with a wet dog.

  2. Oh Joe, well, at least it is pretty. I rained here last night and it has snowed in April though I think it is too warm to do so now. I can't wait to see who this critter is...xoxo

  3. Ah the first photo is beautiful, you ought to try and stitch it, nature always throws up the most promising of designs, don't you think?
    Loving your muddy dog, really made me chuckle!

  4. The seasons are all awry....but that snow does look beautiful and I smiled at the muddy saint...they do love to play in the mud (and things that smell).

    Jacky xox

  5. One step forward two steps back.
    I think I'll hold off on putting the garden chairs out. And I think I'll keep way away from that muddy Saint!

  6. snow is beautiful...but cold...and i'm weary of the cold. it was so nice for a few weeks. signs of spring were peeking out from under the dull landscape of winter. now snow. and not just snow, but slush and sleet...the worst kind, if one was going to place judgement upon it. ah well, it'll melt and spring will saunter forward into summer!

    the critter is nearly done. turned out larger than i expected and so took most of the night to stitch by hand and stuff. still have to finish stuffing the legs and then assemble the bits and pieces into some semblance of order. then, lastly, give him a face. i know many do this early on...but i've always done the faces last. it's a throwback from my bearmaking days in the 80's and early 90's. for me, the personality takes residencey with the face...and i just can't bring myself to stick 'em with a needle once that happens...call me crazy...

    one more half hour and then i get to go home and sleep a while. finally! i can almost feel that soft bed and pillow beneath me already. then i'll finish up the critter in the evening and post him and fortune cookie wisdom wednesday before going back to bed.

    (sigh) i have to slow down...or i'll never get anything done! ha!

  7. Instead of snow we've been getting rain, rain and more rain. My yard is a swamp so I can't let my terrier hoard out to run & bark. or else they'd be covered every inch with Mud too. So instead we go out front and they follow me to the studio & whine about not being able to run.

  8. the snow made me smile and lifted my spirits...of course I'm sweltering here in ATL but my heart is in the Hudson Valley and winter a fond memory. It's so hot and humid today that the pollen is sprouting where it falls.

  9. She's so sweet. And I love that the muddy floor is yours and not mine!

    I like your thoughts on face-making -- have you seen that doll video Wicked Waif had a few weeks ago? It's strange but your comment made me think of it.


  10. oh my! what a face! a few weeks ago, i had to give my little guy three baths in less than 24 hours. he was so badly matted from that we had to get him groomed. he has his summer cut already.

    you've got the snow, we can't get rid of this rain.