Tuesday, April 26, 2011

amore perduto

there's this place in me 
where your fingerprints still rest, 
your kisses still linger, 
and your whispers softly echo. 
it's the place where a part of you 
will forever be a part of me...
-gretchen kemp 

amore perduto. love lost.  or perhaps even amore spezzato. love shattered.  indeed, some of the stitching adorning the heart looks as though it may have been shattered. once. twice.  i'm finally taking a moment here and there to dip into jude hill's whispering hearts mini series...  it feels wonderful to have the time free from work to allow my participation.  though hearts are not my first choice of subjects...  perhaps the series will assist in a transformation of this? if it had already...perchance the stitching might have read, "il mio cuore è per voi" instead of amore perduto.  but lost, for the moment, it already is... and so... andiamo!

there is still more to do to this piece.  more stitching. some embellishment. i'm uncertain what at the moment. so it shall rest a moment or two while i tackle another heart...


edit - 4:40 a.m.:

already, i find myself feeling fickle toward this piece and have decided that i didn't care much for the text.  a simple wool selvedge mask seems to be a good start. a little stitching.  soon to be more.

 the message is still there.  only hidden.  like most heart scars.  there will need to be more layers...or more embellishment, for we are frequently good at masking pains of the heart...

 and some additional stitching to the heart and it's crown, just for good measure...

it's interesting to observe how one's mind makes unexpected leaps and diversions when one allows it some measure of freedom...



  1. A rest for a moment or two does a heart good.
    The Gretchen Kemp poem really resonates with me..thank you for that.

  2. yes...it certainly can. or, at least, allow one to gather one's thoughts and breathe....

  3. I love the stitching and embroidery around and in the heart! And I also really loved the poem. I'm glad you've carved out some time for stitching Joe.

    ;~) Debi

  4. I really like your heart. :)
    I like the shape, the colors, the dots and stitches, the crown. I like your words too. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sue

  5. Lovely heart, I think covering up the words is good, a little mystery to the piece.

  6. This is a very brave heart, this heart of yours ;-)
    (Love the one eyed heart-eating beast in the previous post, with that dog-faced moon ... can't tell you did NOT do the "beasts class" !!)