Thursday, April 7, 2011

empty spaces

"i was waiting for the longest time,
she said. i thought you forgot.
it is hard to forget, i said,
when there is such an empty space
when you are gone." 
-brian andreas

internet connectivity has grown worse at home. six more days until my system switches over to the new company. keeping fingers and toes crossed that it will make a difference.  if not, i'll be cancelling them and going back to cable.

meanwhile, there have been a lot of empty spaces in my mind without any reliable connectivity. i'm falling behind on my blog posting. even more so with my blog reading. but it hasn't stopped there.  empty spaces have been opening up around my home as i sort and disperse "stuff".  traditional quilting fabrics that i haven't touched in ages are going out to friends. various craft supplies that no longer find their way into my life are following close behind.  reduce. clarify. disentangle. simplify.

finding more time to put needle and thread to fragment.  have several new manifestations to share when my connection resumes.  finished the couched tree tutorial. began tinkering with new ideas. new explorations.  just can't get them posted here until either my connection clears up wednesday, or i quit working so many hours and can go sit in a coffee shop and use their connection for a while.  unfortunately, working a 74+ hour week generally finds such establishments closed by the time i head home for a few precious hours of stitching and sleep.

one amazing improvement, however, is that i've been invited to bring along the saint on my 14-18 hour shifts so she won't damage her bladder while waiting for me to return home and let her out. (she's very delicate about relieving herself and wouldn't dream of doing so in the house.)  the elders in residency are enjoying her company to no end. the saint, being an affection whore, is in pig heaven and pouts when we head back home to the cat, who has taken to ignoring her in favor of sprawling in my exhausted lap...

at least i get the occasional opportunity to connect and post from time to time at work!



  1. i'm new to visiting you but i am intrigued by your couched trees tute when it comes. i enjoy your writing.
    Is the Saint old? she must have good bladder control.

  2. thank you, kaite! i will get the tut up as soon as i have a bit of time on a reliable connection this week (it's graphic heavy).

    the saint is 7 years saints' standards is somewhat old. she has amazing bladder control! i've seen her routinely go 18+ hours without voiding. hate to do it to her, though...specially now that she is entering her golden years.

  3. I was beginning to worry about you! I can imagine how the elders enjoy having saint visit. When my Dad was in a care facility, he loved when the angel dog came to visit. Everyone needs to caress some fur to release the stress.:) Take care of yourself.

  4. That's a LOT of hours to be working! I'm sure the Saint is bringing very good karma to the elderly souls. A a loved and cared for dog brings such unconditional friendliness with them as they bumble through life. I'm sure the elders appreciate the uncomplicated warmth.

  5. your empty spaces are just what i needed today. hope all settles soon. the saint is probably great company for all.

  6. I used to be able to take one of my dogs to work with me, it was such a lovely thing. Hope everything comes together... I love Brian Andreas poetry.

  7. yeah, kat. too many hours! ha! but ya gotta just take 'em as they come... and the elders are loving having her around!

  8. Oh how I can relate to this post. It seems work and children just consumes so much of my time and my blogging and creative side, (which are my passion) just seem to be put to the side due to exhaustion. I am happy you can take the Saint to work and I know it must bring a lot of joy to the elderly.
    I am trying to visit a few blogs here and there when I can and stitch small projects until life finds a balance. <3