Sunday, April 17, 2011

morning rain

clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.
-rabindranath tagore
that moment that occurs just as i am waking. becoming aware of this world once again. is one of the most magical moments of the day. i am most aware of my breath in that moment.  aware of the fresh life flowing inward with each inhale.  of the expulsion of transformed air with each exhale.  the house is quiet. the dog is sleeping. the cat is dreaming.  a cool, fresh breeze is wafting in the slightly opened window.  bringing with it the smells of dawn.  yes. most magical moments.  even more so when it is raining outside as it is this morning...

have had no time to stitch these past couple of days.  been working too many 18 hour days.  have another one today.  perhaps tomorrow will have some time to spare...



  1. at least you have a few moments to breathe and reflect alone quietly.

  2. yes indeed, kaite. few. precious. rare these days. but blessed moments they are! even if they are only the few moments between the tones of my zen alarm charms....

  3. I know the feeling of long days Joe, hope it eases up for you soon and that you find some more time to unwind <3

  4. thanks, tallulah! i think it will this week. though, i have picked up a few short shifts...including one this evening. slept all day until the last minute, at least i'm finally rested and may actually get to do some stitching tomorrow! woohoo!

  5. The cool breeze and rain sound heavenly. The 18 hour workday - dive under the covers and hide!

  6. That's a long workday. I'm surprised you can find a second to blog let alone stitch.
    Lovely bunch of wooden spools btw.