Thursday, March 17, 2011

fortune cookie wisdom wednesday (on thursday)

okay, it's not wednesday. it's thursday. and i apologize for totally throwing you off like this. i mean, i know you all live for my fortune cookie wisdom wednesday posts... ha!  but i do have a good excuse: i just worked a triple, spanning 22 hours, then attended a mandatory team meeting, picked up dog and cat food (so they didn't eat me when i got home without any) and when i finally made it to the comfort of my couch yesterday, i was completely and unabashedly unconscious!

however, to make up for it, i had chinese food today so that i could share this week's tidbit of confectionary wisdom...

barbarella one said "a life without cause is a life without effect." true. but not generally possible.  mind can't remain quiet. it's very nature is that of a monkey...all boisterous and full of energy and thought.  and, as this wise little pastry has pointed out, it is our thoughts that create our lives!

i have found this more true than i ever thought it could be. when i continually thought "sheesh! i'm fat!"...well, i got fat. fatter. fattest.  when i changed that thought to "look! i'm thinner!" so, i got thinner!  when my thoughts dwell on sorrow and confusion, that, too, is what appears in my life.

these days, i'm very careful to think only on joy and compassion!



  1. Hmmm, I kind of like that fortune today. But what dismays me is that my cookies have not yet made it to you, it now being more than three weeks since they were posted (or else I imagine you would have incorporated one into your photo...). Now I'm looking at your vibram socks and not sure I could wear those - I couldn't bear the toe socks when I was a teenager and even flipflops take some re-getting used to each summer. But my feet do love Merrells which have that vibram thingiemebopper. Good thing you stopped for that cat and dog food. For some reason I would worry more about the cat...

  2. ha! caught by the bodhi chicklet! (giggle) i just emailed you, too... with my crazy schedule these past two weeks, i hadn't been able to get to my mail box until a couple days ago, where i found several boxes waiting for me! not wanting to scrunch them all together and take away excitement for any of them, i'm only opening one at a time as my schedule allows. it's tough, too, cuz i know what's in them.... yours was safely waiting there...and now is sitting safely in my studio awaiting the time to open it (most likely tomorrow or saturday) and enjoy, photograph, show off, etc.! :)

    i love my new vibram five fingers shoes!! of course, i loved toe socks in the 70's, too! these are the hiking versions and have great treads on the bottom...just like my hiking boots, but are lightweight and cool and uber comfortable!! i'm going to get the kangaroo leather ones next...and then maybe the classics!

    ha! yes, the cat would waste away much faster than the saint! and be much, much more vocal about the process, too!! but they both safely got their food stores replenished and have happy, full tummies!