Wednesday, March 16, 2011

and so the festival painting commences

i don't read the paper
and i don't watch tv and
people ask me how i
stay up with what's
going on and i tell them
breathing seems to
help and since i haven't
done serious damage
to anyone yet, they
usually leave me alone.
- brian andreas

i got to play a bit with kavi tonight. not only did he get a name (kavi means "poet", and if his whisperings are any indication, he is aptly named), but he also found himself stitched down to the background, a few gold coins added to his saddle cloth, some flowered ground to walk upon, and the beginnings of his festival paints!  these flowers are only the beginning.  there are so many more to add...and some beading, too, if kavi has his way.  he is a very flashy elephant...

being an elephant of no small means, he is bigger than i anticipated.  this ponderous pachyderm is not going to be for the faint of heart.  nor will he be for the dime-store novel reader.  however, being an afficianado of first editions, hard-cover releases, coffee table volumes, and over-sized children's books as i am, i don't think this tusker will present any problems in finding a tome worthy of his magnitude when the time comes...

but for the moment, he will need to climb back into my pocket.  i have a lot of work to do before my next shift begins and this one ends...  besides, it looks like today may turn out to be a rather rainy one and kavi doesn't like getting wet.



  1. Perhaps he will be a 'flashy' poet wandering the world spreading words of joy.

  2. you never know, penny... he definitely has a gypsy soul...

  3. he does seem to be speaking. he is delightful.

  4. I am so moved by your art! The coin embellishment is IT!


    thoughts of Rajasthan
    brightly colored elephants
    stuck no more I dream

  5. I love that quote, it is me to the T and I love that elephant, he keeps getting better and better!

  6. A quote very much to my liking (I do read a paper now + then though...) - no flowery ground to walk upon around here, as Kavi is lucky to have it, just hand sized flowers - thanks for your kind comment on them...

  7. What a wonderous gentle beast! He will be the best of the best. Beading?? Love beads added to cloth. I can't wait to see!

    ;~) Debi

  8. does he giggle if the flowers tickle his toes?