Thursday, March 31, 2011

belated fortune cookie wisdom wednesday

as you know, i've been helping a dear friend deconstruct his life and prepare to move the fates only know when i was catching up on one of my favorite bone tickling blogs, bent objects by terry border, and came across this pic, i knew then and there i had to share it!  terry has the most amazing sense of humor and i've been enjoying his blog for a long time and hope you will take a few moments to check it out (no affiliations, blah, blah, blah....just an fan). 

in any case, aside from being very funny, it spoke deeply to my friendship, too.  it's hard to see someone's life go to pieces...whether by his own hand or not.  you begin to think about how much he will be missed and how you never had the time to do this and that grand plan... then you start examining your other friendships and relationships and begin to put them into perspective, as well.  gratitude.  definitely the word for the moment. 

i have deep gratitude for my friends, near and far. both in real time and in cyberspace. 

just wanted to let you all know how much i appreciate you!

meanwhile, my house is looking rather like i'm packing up moving myself as i've been the recipient of many of my friend's collected treasures. antiques. artwork. rugs. and so forth. so, essentially, i'm remodeling...

this, combined with sketchy internet services whilst providers are battling it out, and i've fallen sadly behind on my mail and my blog.  both of which, i apologize for.  i have a lovely stack of boxes that i have been refraining to open until i can share them with you all:

there are doorprizes from the one world one heart event this year; some gracious and kind gifts from readers; fun things from auctions; and a few other treasures found whilst on cyber journies. all patiently waiting until i can do them justice and share them with my cyber friends!  don't ask me how i'm restraining myself...cuz i really don't know.  but i am.

hopefully, i'll get to start opening them next week...just as soon as i finish getting my house back into some semblance of order!

until then....



  1. Oh my...I could not stand to wait to open those treasures. Well, a few times I have postponed opening something until I could sit down quietly in the evening with no distractions, but we are talking just a few hours. lol! Your friend is lucky to have you there to help with his transition into a new way of life. We look forward to you sharing your treasures. :)

  2. oh, believe you me, marie, it's VERY tough! specially since i know what some of them are...

    but, no! i'm being good! i'm waiting until i can share...